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Final Conference of the LIFE WolfAlps EU Project


The final conference of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project was held from June 17th to 19th in the ITAS Forum Hall in Trento, Italy. This event, organized both in-person and remotely, was dedicated to presenting the main results obtained over the four years of the project (2019 - 2024).  

The LIFE WolfAlps EU project, supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, is part of a larger LIFE initiative approved by the European Commission. It builds on the foundations laid by a previous project, LIFE WolfAlps. Its primary objective is to improve the coexistence between human activities and wolf populations in the Alpine region by implementing coordinated actions across the Alpine ecosystem, particularly in France (Mercantour National Park), Italy, Switzerland, and Slovenia.  

Among the various coordinated actions by the project, the following stand out:

  • The deployment of the "predator-prey" program, a study of the interactions between prey, predators, and human activities along the Alpine arc;
  • The "anti-poison dog units" with their sanitation, prevention, and awareness activities;
  • The "Wolf Prevention Intervention Units" (WPIU) for implementing common solutions aimed at better coexistence; and
  • The "Young Ranger" (YR) program, an educational initiative engaging youth in protecting the environment and biodiversity throughout the Alps.  

The conference also addressed other species such as the lynx and the golden jackal, as well as important topics like biodiversity management at the European level and general coexistence with wildlife.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, within the framework of its Human-Wildlife Initiative, congratulates the project leaders for the significant results achieved and hopes that the effects of this partnership will bear fruit in the long term. For more information on the LIFE WolfAlps EU project, please refer to this link.