Initiative Homme Faune Sauvage

Preserving wildlife in anthropised areas

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The Man-Wildlife Initiative brings together actors from nature conservation, agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting and public administration with the common goal of improving human-wildlife cohabitation.

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Animal spirits
Local stakeholders’ (farmers, hunters and naturalists) perception of the extent of the wolf population in the Sainte-Victoire massif, and of its diet: comparison with data obtained by scientific monitoring
Children's workshop
Free and Wild - Poetic animal documentary on the fauna of the Mercantour, 52 minutes
Deployment of Biodiv'Sports in the South-PACA Region
Improving the acceptability of the wolf in the Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Park
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Study of the conflict of use between humans and bats on the Giens peninsula. Definition of a conservation strategy for the colony with users and local stakeholders through consultation