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Launch of the Human-Wildlife Initiative in Spain

Press release

The year 2023 marks the launch of the “Iniciativa Humanidad – Fauna silvestre” (IHF). After the success of the implemented actions in France, the  Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has decided to replicate the Human–Wildlife Initiative in Spain, where cohabitation between humans and wildlife is also a challenge. This initiative brings together three partners who form the Steering Committee: the Prince Albert Foundation II of Monaco, the Spanish branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Observatorio Grupo Campo Grande.

The Observatorio Grupo Campo Grande is a national think tank created in 2016 by the Fundación Entretantos. This group is formed by a multitude of actors with different positions and approaches on the existing conflicts between extensive livestock farming and Iberian wolves, with the aim of proposing reflections and solutions to facilitate their coexistence. Eight members of this group constitute the evaluation committee which will evaluate the proposals submitted to calls for projects.

The initiative in Spain will operate similarly to that in France, through an annual call for projects. The first call in Spain and the fourth in France were launched on September 25, 2023. All information and application forms are available by following this link.