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MonAsia Association reaffirms its valuable support for the Human-Wildlife Initiative

Press release

In a significant demonstration of its commitment to environmental protection, MonAsia Association has strengthened its support by making a generous contribution of €60,000 to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This substantial donation is specifically aimed at supporting the Human-Wildlife Initiative, focusing particularly on projects in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, notably in the Mercantour National Park.

These funds are in perfect alignment with MonAsia Association's corporate social responsibility objectives, directly contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15: Life on Land, which promotes biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management.

The donation was highlighted during a collaborative meeting attended by the Foundation's Executive Director, Mr. Roman Ciarlet, the Coordinator of the Human-Wildlife Initiative, Mr. Guilherme Haguenauer, as well as MonAsia's CEO, Mr. Mikhail Nefedov, and MonAsia's Technical Director, Ms. Anastasiia Lutcenko. During this meeting, significant project results under the Initiative were presented, along with future development strategies for the Initiative in the European territory, particularly in Spain and Switzerland.

A significant portion of MonAsia's donation was dedicated to financing the "Free & Wild" project, which involves the production of a 52-minute documentary by wildlife photographer Rémy Masseglia, set in the Mercantour National Park. This documentary, intended for the general public, will serve as an educational tool to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on wildlife, while showcasing the natural beauty of the wild Alps.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation expresses gratitude for MonAsia Association's environmental commitment and ongoing support for the Human-Wildlife Initiative. This strong partnership exemplifies how thoughtful funding and impactful projects can contribute to improving the coexistence between wildlife and human activities in Europe.